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Unlike Any Other Window

October 4th, 2012
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Primary Seal Windows Inc. is the only manufacturer of vinyl windows with the Patented Quad-Seal System®. The Patented Quad-Seal System® provides the tightest seal on the market, that won’t fade through use or over time. Unlike other vinyl windows that use a vinyl brush (that provides a mediocre seal that doesn’t stand the test of time and use), Primary Seal Windows Inc.’s Patented Quad-Seal System® is made, tested, and re-tested in our state of the art, research and development facility.

The Patented Quad-Seal System® is only available from Primary Seal Windows Inc., a fact that our competitors are quick to omit. A vinyl window with a vinyl brush seal is like a door with weak lock, making it impractical, which is anything but what a door, or window should be. With Primary Seal Windows Inc., you’ll not only get function, but you’ll get the form as well. In other words, you can have your cake, and eat it too.

Approach the replacement of your windows as an investment in your home. Invest in quality. Invest in Canada. Invest in Primary Seal vinyl windows.


Installed, Professionally

August 31st, 2012
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When purchasing windows and doors, quality is of the utmost importance. The materials used and the craftsmanship involved will decide whether your windows and doors perform as they should. But there is one other key factor in providing windows and doors that do what they promise, and that’s the installation.

Primary Seal Windows Inc. demands quality from its products, and installation is no different. Primary Seal Windows Inc. provides you, the customer, with factory-certified installers that collectively have over 40 years of installing experience. Each Primary Seal Windows Inc. professional installation, coupled with the revolutionary Patented Quad-Seal System®, provides the tightest seal on the market.

Approach the replacement of your windows as an investment in your home. Invest in quality. Invest in Canada. Invest in Primary Seal vinyl windows.


Good Glass, Good Windows

July 27th, 2012
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Windows originally consisted of one pane of glass, and a frame. But as with most things, the first design will not be the best one.

Through technological innovation, Primary Seal Windows Inc. has improved upon that basic design to create a state-of-the-art window. The frame of each of Primary Seal Windows Inc. is a technological and engineering wonder. But that’s not where the innovation stops. The glass used in Primary Seal Windows Inc. windows are IG (insulated glass), and have the highest CSA-A440 rating . In Toronto and abroad, our competitors cannot compare, and that’s just the glass.

Primary Seal Windows Inc. are also the only windows with the the Patented Quad-Seal System® that provides the tightest seal on the market.

Approach the replacement of your windows as an investment in your home. Invest in quality. Invest in Canada. Invest in Primary Seal vinyl windows.


Home Renovations

June 30th, 2012
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Renovating your home can add value, both monetary and aesthetic, and make your house more “you.” However, that beautiful, new, open-concept living space is going to look cramped without adequate natural light. Similarly, your dream kitchen will look and feel confining if the windows (and patio door) aren’t up to par. A beautifully renovated home with outdated windows is a recipe for head-aches in the future.

Primary Seal Windows Inc. can help ensure that your renovations are not in vain, with our wide array of casement, awning, single hung, double hung, single slider, and double slider windows. The simultaneously fusion welded vinyl frame provides your home with unparalleled energy efficiency, and a look that’s sure to fit any design. No longer will you need to choose between energy efficiency, and the design that you’ve had your heart on. With Primary Seal Inc. windows, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Approach the replacement of your windows as an investment in your home. Invest in quality. Invest in Canada. Invest in Primary Seal vinyl windows.

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The Primary Seal Difference

May 24th, 2012
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Windows are your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Windows can also maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Unfortunately, not all windows are created equally.

That’s where Primary Seal Windows Inc. comes into the picture. Primary Seal vinyl windows are Energy Star certified to help maximize energy efficiency, and designed to complement your home’s existing beauty. With Primary Seal Windows Inc.’s contractors servicing Toronto and the GTA, you can rest assured that your brand new windows will get the very best professional installation possible.

Some of the big box stores will make similar claims, but there is still one more factor that separates Primary Seal vinyl windows from our competitors, the Patented Quad-Seal System®. The Patented Quad-Seal System® is composed of four white weather strippings, sealing tighter than any window our competitors have to offer.

Approach the replacement of your windows as an investment in your home. Invest in quality. Invest in Canada. Invest in Primary Seal vinyl windows.

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The Vinyl Edge

April 30th, 2012
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Windows are the eyes of the house. They can spruce up the look of any home, whether to attract buyers or to appeal to one’s own aesthetic tastes. Windows can also do a lot in terms of saving you money on your energy bills, which helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

However, only one window will be able to satisfy all of those requirements, and provide you with an unmatched seal that requires zero upkeep from you. Primary Seal vinyl windows do not require painting, are multi-chambered, and are the only vinyl window to have the patented quad-seal system. The patented quad-seal system ensures a tighter seal, keeping the weather out, and your energy in.

Approach the replacement of your windows as an investment in your home. Invest in quality. Invest in Canada. Invest in Primary Seal vinyl windows.

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Window R&D for You

November 2nd, 2010
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Tough competition and increasingly demanding standards of energy efficiency force window manufacturers to constantly upgrade and re-design their windows. While the outward appearance, at least to the untrained eye, remains unchanged, the inner workings and fine details of the window and glass change regularly. Manufacturers such as us are under pressure from dealers, the government and other manufacturers. This means that every winter, when business slows, we go back to the drawing board and work on the new model of window to come out to market in the spring. Some years the changes may be as small as a single seal or component. However, for the most part, the changes are numerous and significant. For example, the profile (inner structure) of the window may be changed in order to make our product better and more competitive. This requires a change in the die (metal shape) which makes the window extrusions (straight vinyl pieces shaped by the die). This is a difficult process as the window may now have to be retested for water leakage and wind resistance etc.

How does this benefit you? Well for one, every year in the spring we are able to produce a better and more performant window that is as close to state of the art as possible. Secondly, it means that our constant research and development provides you with a better value for your dollar as more technology and experience is packed into each one of our products with every passing season.

You see, no product and any competitive industry is unchanged unless it becomes discontinued. Otherwise, any good manufacturer of any product, is constantly trying to make their product better. This is why in many ways it is worth every penny to buy windows from a reputable dealer that supplies their windows from a manufacturer which is on the cutting edge, rather than buying cheaper windows from dealers which supply their windows from low-cost manufacturers that only change their windows if government regulation forces them to, or if they find a way to make the same window with less cost.

In any field of business there are the leaders who push the field forward and the companies who pick up the scraps and sell for a discount. I am not certain where we stand as a company in terms of being on the very cutting edge, but, by no means have we ever relied on others’ scraps and obsolete technology. With patented, proprietary technology and a close relationship with all our suppliers and dealers, we work together, year after year, to provide you with the best product possible.

If you need additional information, do not hesistate to contact us on the web at

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Fall into Energy Savings!

October 12th, 2010
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The cost of gas and electricity are always on the rise and with what is predicted to be a more ‘traditional’ Canadian winter around the corner, it is important to try and reduce the amout of energy your home wastes. Also, you want to make the most of the free energy from the sun, whenever it is available. New glass technology makes this possible by trapping the solar heat in your home but reducing the amount of radiated heat lost in the winter. You can look up my previous article on Low-E glass for more in-depth information. Even if you have newer windows made of aluminum or vinyl, if they do not have Low-E+Argon glass, you may be missing out on substantial energy gains. Did you know that most newer windows have something called a dry glazing bead/glazing stop which allows the glass units to be serviced or replaced without having to remove the window from the wall or damage the interior of your home? For a fraction of the price of getting new windows, you can replace your glass units and have them properly sealed with silicone, affording you a quick and easy way to significantly improve your comfort and energy efficiency. How do you know if your window has such a feature? Just take one picture of the overall window and one photo of the corner of the window where the glass unit meets the frame and then send it to us at and we will be able to tell you if the glass can be replaced.

If changing your windows is not in your budget, you should still do all you can to prevent heat loss. There are many products available at Home Depot for you to seal up old windows and get them to last through the winter until you can afford to change them next summer. We of course offer financing options that would allow you to get your windows now and pay for them next year with as low as 1.5% interest.

Finally, do not forget your doors. Most doors that I see on existing houses are in very poor shape when it comes to air sealing. You see a builder standard door that most houses have does a good job of insulating from the cold, however, if the weatherstripping or the bottom sweep are damaged or broken, air will stream in – cold air – and negate all the good insulation IN the door as the cold is going AROUND it. Silicone, weatherstripping, caulking and sweeps are all available at Rona, Home Depot, Lowes etc. Do yourself a favor and make sure that the door is sealing well. Also, doors often need their hinges to be adjusted as they have sagged over time. This should be done by a professional, but, in most cases it just involves drilling a couple of screws and it can go a long way toward making the door seal and close properly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your door or window concerns as our highly knowledgeable staff is always looking to help. Better yet, drop by our factory showroom. As always I look forward to your comments and questions.

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Why the HST will save you money!

July 28th, 2010
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You would think that with taxes going up from 5% to 13% the price of replacing your doors and windows would increase. I disagree. Maybe in the very short term the prices will be higher by 8%, but most companies already try to discount their products to give you prices that are as close to pre-HST as possible. However, the real savings comes from the fact that businesses can now write off many items that were not allowed before, meaning that their bottom line will improve, allowing for prices to eventually stabilise very close to what they would have been without the HST, taking into account inflation etc. Also, remember that in the case of renovations, most companies, including Primary Seal Windows are willing to negotiate the prices, and, given the decreased demand due to the HST, I am sure that you, the buyer, would have the upper had in those negotiations. While most people think otherwise, I assure you there is no better time to buy than when companies are struggling to get business. To stay afloat, many companies are willing to slash their bottom line and those savings would benefit you, the consumer.

The summer is not usually the time to get a good deal on windows and doors. As I have stated in previous articles the winter is the best time for deals. Nevertheless, we go back to the same point. The reason you get a better deal in the winter is because no-one is buying anything in the winter and the companies are on a starvation diet of customers.

In any economic downturn the people with the right vision and money still left in their bank accounts can become richer than ever. Going against the grain and buying windows and doors when few others are, puts you in the driver’s seat.

For more window and door information you may contact us through the phone or web.

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Want a professional window and door installation?

July 9th, 2010
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Well, you probably won’t get one. You see, most window and door companies say that they are giving you a professional installer but the truth is, only one in five installers is really a pro and even then, they may cheap out on product such as caulking or insulation, which you will only be able to tell years later but by then, they are long gone.

Some people even make the mistake to hire a separate contractor to put in the windows, and often not only does that contractor not install windows regularly enough to be a real pro, but if they do a poor job, the window company may no longer give you the same warranty on their windows if they deem that the reason the windows are having problems is largely due to a improper installation which was not done by them.

So how do you get a professional installation? The answer is… by asking questions. The first question should be, is the installer a contractor or is he employed directly by your company? If the installer is not employed by the company, should anything go wrong the company will blame the installer, the installer will blame the company and you will be left in the middle with little legal recourse. The second question should be, do you or your company have a licence to perform renovations (which window installation is under)? If they don’t have a licence then you should steer clear. Finally, ask if the installer uses his own truck and supplies or if the company provides him with a truck and supplies. This may not be a deal breaker either way but it will tell you a lot about whether they were telling the truth on the first question. Often if an installer uses his own truck and supplies he is just under contract but does not actually work full time for the company. There are exceptions, but you should poke and probe to look for inconsistencies. Companies that are professional and have good quality products and good installers are proud of it and will advertise it, while fly-by-night operations will try to avoid those type of questions. If the sales guy raves about installation and is quick to offer you a tour of the factory or referrals of their installer’s work, you can rest assured they are at least selling windows for a reputable company.

Remember this one idea: when getting estimates for a job, be less concerned with price and more concerned with who is doing the job, as a few thousand dollars when compared to the cost of a home or a period of twenty years are almost meaningless, but, the cost of a poor product and installation, no matter how cheap it was to start, will far outweigh what you would pay for a proper job and a high quality product.

If you have any questions about windows and doors feel free to contact us via our website, call us or even just walk in to our showroom.

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