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Blog | Windows | Are your windows ready for summer?

Are your windows ready for summer?

June 18th, 2009

When purchasing new Weather Seal windows from Primary Seal most clients will say that they would like their windows installed by us before the winter months as they associate new windows with having a warmer and more comfortable home. Also, since heating a home is expensive, the potential energy savings associated with high efficiency Energy Star windows become a deciding factor in their choice to retrofit their home.

However, the summer months can take a financial toll as well, due to the high cost of cooling your home. Air conditioners consume large amounts of electricity. As you may have heard Ontario is introducing higher electricity prices during peak times. It is at these peak times, such as the early afternoon, when it is hottest outside and your air conditioner would have to work the hardest to keep your home cool.

According to the Ontario Energy Board, effective May 1st of this year, on-peak electricity usage (11am – 5pm) will cost 9.1 cents per kWh for consumers using Smart Meters. Consumers with a Regulated Price Plan will pay 6.6 cents per kWh all the time. This means that the cost of cooling a home has increased significantly since 2004 when consumers paid as little as 4.7 cents a kWh under Government regulation.

So you ask, how can new, Energy Star rated, high efficiency vinyl windows, which are so good at keeping the cold out and the heat in, help you save money in the summer? The answer is Low Emissivity Glass.

Commonly known as Low-E, low emissivity glass is being used in almost all glazing applications today, including sliding doors, windows, and skylights. Energy Star windows equipped with at least one pane of Low-E glass as part of a double glass unit will have a significant effect on the amount of solar energy as well as radiated heat that enters your home. The blog entry “The Magic of Low-E” describes this technology in detail. Suffice to say for now, that a home equipped with windows using Low-E technology can reduce unwanted solar and radiant heat gain by 50% compared with regular clear glass. Low-E technology also has the added benefit of reducing (and often eliminating) harmful UV rays which damage furniture and hardwood floors.

What does this mean for you, the consumer? Making an investment in new, Energy Star, Low-E equipped windows yields benefits in both summer and winter. Getting a head start by purchasing your windows in the off-season will help you beat the summer heat and can save you more money, sooner.

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