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Replacing your Windows the Smart Way!

September 8th, 2009

While we are enjoying a run of great weather, and it still feels more like summer than fall, we all know (but refuse to admit for the moment) that the cooler weather is just around the corner.

A window which may seem perfectly fine during the summer may soon turn into a drafty, leaky, frosted mess when the temperatures dip. In fact, it is common during the fall to have mild days and freezing nights.

Now, most people will argue that changing the windows and doors in a house costs a bundle, and it does. Also they will argue that the money they save in heating and cooling costs will take years if not decades to pay for the cost of the windows. Again, they are right. However, there is one small but important flaw in that line of thinking: the idea that changing the windows and doors in a house is a one-time, all or nothing project.

What if it were possible to pay half of the money you have been or will be quoted for the entire house and enjoy energy savings and increased comfort in most of your home? Funny enough, consumers will approach their window and door job from the most expensive items to the least expensive almost without exception, while if they started from the other end, they would find that their money would go a much longer way.

Let me give you an example:

An average house with three bedrooms usually has the following window and door items: front door, side or patio door, three bedroom windows, a window in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, one living room and one dining room window, as well as four basement windows. Let’s say the homeowner of this imaginary home decides to replace his windows and doors. Which two window and door items will make up the better part of the cost of this job? The answer is the front door and the living room window or the window which usually faces the front of the house. Why you ask? Well because the decorative glass in the front door as well as because the window facing the front of the house is usually tall and wide. Windows are priced according to surface area, and a very large and complex window will cost far more than a small bedroom window.

So, going back to the example, you would find that the three bedroom windows as well as the bathroom and the four basement windows would probably cost about the same as the front door and front window. I have seen houses with giant front windows and a front door with side-lites, where the rest of the entire house was the same price as the front door and window.

Another common argument is that if any windows are replaced then the house will look different so everything has to be changed at once for esthetics. Well that is not neccessarily true, as changing the bedroom windows which usually face the back of the house as well as the side or patio door is rarely noticed by people walking in the front of the house, but there will be a noticeable difference in comfort and energy usage.

Keep in mind however, that there is no ideal nor single best solution for everyone. Each home and homeowner have different needs. It is always best to book an in-home estimate so that a professional can come to your home and examine your situation. This way, you can find the best solution for you. At Primary Seal Windows we believe that educating the consumer is the first and most important step in our relationship. We present you with all your options and attempt to work with your priorities and budget. Changing your windows and doors does not have to be a one-time job. We have many customers who take several years to completely change their windows and doors, changing some of their windows and/or doors each year. This way they are able to stay within their budget as well as improve their living space.

If you have any questions about this article or any other window and door questions we can help you.

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