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Why Winter Installations are a Good Idea?!

November 10th, 2009

I know what you are thinking. Everybody knows that the spring, summer and fall are the best times to get new windows and doors installed. Everyone that is, except those of us who want to renovate on a budget. The best part of a January or February installation is the price you will pay. You see, statistically speaking, most retail and renovation businesses have the slowest months in January and February because everyone is broke from Christmas and New Year’s and not to mention the less than pleasant Canadian weather we experience during those months. As such, many companies including Primary Seal, are willing to introduce incentives to attract customers as well as they are more flexible at the negotiating table. In June, when we are already booked up until August, is not the time to negotiate.

However, most of you are questioning how we can do a job in such cold temperatures without turning your house into an ice palace and having all our materials freeze and no longer perform properly. Well let’s address one issue at a time.

How do we manage to take out an old window or door and put a new one in without having your home exposed to the cold for a prolonged period of time? The answer is custom sizing. The windows or doors that we make for your home come already assembled from the factory and ready to install. Not only that but they are custom fitted to the size and shape of your existing opening in the wall, meaning that after removing the old window or door, the new one can go into the rough opening within a couple of minutes. In fact the process of taking a window (of average size) out and putting the new one into the opening takes about ten to fifteen minutes. The window can then be quickly sealed with insulating foam and heat will no longer escape. The bulk of the time required to install a window is taken up by the finishing, both interior and exterior. It is the same case with a door. While the door is more complex to adjust and takes a longer time, it can also be sealed within a reasonable timeframe and as such the amount of heat loss is not catastrophic. We also use a little trick and close all the doors to all the rooms which makes it harder for the heat to escape quickly, as well as we work on one opening at a time, which also reduces the heat loss.

Now the second issue are the materials, namely insulating foam and caulking. Many of you that have worked with these materials in the cold know that they simply don’t cure as fast nor does the foam expand as freely or the caulking flow as easily. This is indeed an issue that can cause problems down the road if the window or door is not properly sealed and weatherproofed. However it is for this reason we purchase industrial strength caulking, which uses a rubber base and is extremely resilient to temperature and will cure in almost any condition. Secondly, we keep the foam and caulking indoors in a warm area until they are ready for use. This means that by the time the materials could cool down, they have already been applied and as such the effect the cold has on the curing process is less severe.

The final consideration for a winter installation is the fact that since the installers have a lighter load generally than in the warm months, they are able to take more time for each installation. Most of the work is done from the inside so they are not rushing to finish due to the cold and this may result in a slower, more careful installation.

Please submit your questions or concerns and feel free to contact Primary Seal for more information if you are thinking of a winter installation.

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