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Blog | Energy Efficiency | Spring forward with these four important household reminders

Spring forward with these four important household reminders

February 13th, 2010

Mid-March means a change from standard time (ST) to daylight savings time (DST). As we remember to adjust our clocks one hour ahead, don’t forget to think about these seasonal home maintenance tips:

1. Clean out the medicine cabinet: Remove items that are past their expiry date. They might be dangerous to keep in the house so be sure to dispose of them in a responsible way – many drugstores will dispose of old medicine for you. Also, make note of prescriptions or products that need to be refilled.

2. Check your filters: Often, there’s no outward sign that your fridge water filter needs to be changed because the contaminants and other chemicals are imperceptible. Leading brands like Whirlpool, Maytag and KitchenAid recommend changing your filters every six months to ensure that your water and ice remains fresh and great tasting. More information can be found online at

3. Check the First Aid kit: Changing the clock is great time to remember to stock up your First Aid kit. Ensure all of your emergency supplies are replaced and up to date.

4. Check the batteries: Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are the most important battery powered devices in your home and need a reliable power source. Replace these batteries, but don’t throw them out, save them for remote controls and other battery devices in your home.

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