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Beat the HST with Primary Seal

April 22nd, 2010

Taxes weigh heavily on any business or individual. We would like for you to be able to afford superior windows and not have to settle for lower quality windows only for the fact that the new HST will add a considerable amount to the cost of your windows. We will continue to give our customers the best prices and products even after the HST but the best way to beat the HST is by placing your order immediately.

The HST or Harmonized Sales Tax is comming July 1st, and any orders that we process and install after the deadline will be subject to a 13% tax, as opposed to the 5% tax that we currently charge on our factory-direct installations.

Even on an average size job the savings can be substantial. We will do our utmost to continue offering industry leading service, installation, products and prices as we have done until today regardless of the HST. However, you are in control before the July 1st deadline and can help us help you by placing your order as soon as possible. By ordering today we can still guarantee you one of our pre-July 1st installation dates. Any orders that cannot be installed before July 1st will be subject to HST, which we would let you know at the time you place the order.

For more details feel free to call us at 416-739-9545 or visit our website

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