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Window R&D for You

November 2nd, 2010
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Tough competition and increasingly demanding standards of energy efficiency force window manufacturers to constantly upgrade and re-design their windows. While the outward appearance, at least to the untrained eye, remains unchanged, the inner workings and fine details of the window and glass change regularly. Manufacturers such as us are under pressure from dealers, the government and other manufacturers. This means that every winter, when business slows, we go back to the drawing board and work on the new model of window to come out to market in the spring. Some years the changes may be as small as a single seal or component. However, for the most part, the changes are numerous and significant. For example, the profile (inner structure) of the window may be changed in order to make our product better and more competitive. This requires a change in the die (metal shape) which makes the window extrusions (straight vinyl pieces shaped by the die). This is a difficult process as the window may now have to be retested for water leakage and wind resistance etc.

How does this benefit you? Well for one, every year in the spring we are able to produce a better and more performant window that is as close to state of the art as possible. Secondly, it means that our constant research and development provides you with a better value for your dollar as more technology and experience is packed into each one of our products with every passing season.

You see, no product and any competitive industry is unchanged unless it becomes discontinued. Otherwise, any good manufacturer of any product, is constantly trying to make their product better. This is why in many ways it is worth every penny to buy windows from a reputable dealer that supplies their windows from a manufacturer which is on the cutting edge, rather than buying cheaper windows from dealers which supply their windows from low-cost manufacturers that only change their windows if government regulation forces them to, or if they find a way to make the same window with less cost.

In any field of business there are the leaders who push the field forward and the companies who pick up the scraps and sell for a discount. I am not certain where we stand as a company in terms of being on the very cutting edge, but, by no means have we ever relied on others’ scraps and obsolete technology. With patented, proprietary technology and a close relationship with all our suppliers and dealers, we work together, year after year, to provide you with the best product possible.

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