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Why the HST will save you money!

July 28th, 2010
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You would think that with taxes going up from 5% to 13% the price of replacing your doors and windows would increase. I disagree. Maybe in the very short term the prices will be higher by 8%, but most companies already try to discount their products to give you prices that are as close to pre-HST as possible. However, the real savings comes from the fact that businesses can now write off many items that were not allowed before, meaning that their bottom line will improve, allowing for prices to eventually stabilise very close to what they would have been without the HST, taking into account inflation etc. Also, remember that in the case of renovations, most companies, including Primary Seal Windows are willing to negotiate the prices, and, given the decreased demand due to the HST, I am sure that you, the buyer, would have the upper had in those negotiations. While most people think otherwise, I assure you there is no better time to buy than when companies are struggling to get business. To stay afloat, many companies are willing to slash their bottom line and those savings would benefit you, the consumer.

The summer is not usually the time to get a good deal on windows and doors. As I have stated in previous articles the winter is the best time for deals. Nevertheless, we go back to the same point. The reason you get a better deal in the winter is because no-one is buying anything in the winter and the companies are on a starvation diet of customers.

In any economic downturn the people with the right vision and money still left in their bank accounts can become richer than ever. Going against the grain and buying windows and doors when few others are, puts you in the driver’s seat.

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